LargeEdit 2.0

Get it from CNET! Netlegger Systems is pleased to announce the release of LargeEdit version 2.0,the development/editing software designed for IT professionals working with numerous programming languages and large data files. View LargeEdit 2.0 press release.

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This multi-tab editor is an all-in-one productivity tool for everyone that works with text files.
  • project explorer
  • 300+ syntax highlighters
  • design your own highlighter
  • web viewer
  • script macros
  • xslt transforms
  • templates
  • keyboard macros
  • plugin support
Plugins available:
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Data Professionals - Open massive data files is seconds, and navigate both
forward and backward. Quickly locate the information your interested in, using Find, Goto Line, and Line Range. Edit hard to read data files using the "View as Grid" feature. Manipulate data using keyboard and scripting macros.
Software Developers - Wasting time loading multiple editors just to update your different source code files. LargeEdit provides customizable syntax highlighting and code completion for many languages. Users can also associate highlighters with Help files and Execution programs. (Ex: Associate VBScript with "Windows Scipt Help chm" and "WScript.exe") Then while editing VBScript files, select a word and press "F1" (Context Help) and LargeEdit will search against the associated help file. Press "F9" (Run File) and LargeEdit will run the file against WScript, which will preform a syntax check and execution.
Power Users - Use LargeEdit's wide array of features to increase your productivity. Keyboard macros let you record, play, and save frequently used keystrokes patterns. Integrated Spell Checker ensure your spelling is alway correct. The Repository hold all your text snipet of quick recall. LargeEdit integrated Hex editor lets you open and save binary files. Open and edit online files quickly and easily with FTP Open, Save, and Save As.

LargeEdit 1.0 will still be available for a limited time, click here

Syntax Highlighters

Do you use big, slow loading editors just for the syntax highlighting. It's understandable, syntax highlighting makes code easier to read, but now you don't have to wait for those bloated editors to load up. LargeEdit provides customizable syntax highlighting for 300+ languages (C#, Javascript, VBScript, HTML(ASP+JScript+VBScript), C++, Java, ObjectPascal, Visual Basic, Cascading style sheets, PHP, XML, Perl, Fortran, Foxpro, SQL, INI, x86 assembly, MS DOS Batch, etc..). If you can't find the syntax highlighter you need then create your own, LargeEdit now allows users to design their own syntax highlighters.

Project Explorer

Create you own project group to organize related files. Stop wasting time searching for files, create a project and add your files for quick reference. Use LargeEdit to maintain web sites, open and edit all your files at once, save files directly to your FTP account. Preview web pages in the integrated web browser.

XSLT Transforms

If your a professional application developer, chances are your using XML to drive your applications data to multiple clients. For web clients, your displaying the data via XSLT transforms. Now you can test your tranformations using LargeEdit. Open an xml document and select XSLT Transform from the Action menu, select your XSLT document and view the results. LargeEdit can also perform transforms against the results of an XPath search.

Code Completion

Forget a function or tag name, use the code completion editor to add frequently forgotten code. Simply press CTRL+Space to invoke the code completion window.

Keyboard Macros

Increase your productivity with keyboard macros, no more repetitive keystroke sequences, simply record your keystroke sequence once and play it back as many times as you want. You can also save your keystrokes for later use.

Extended Find & Replace

Are you sick of wasting time copying and pasting a block text from file to file in order to replace an existing block of text. Use Extended Find and Replace to search and replace blocks of text inside multiple files. LargeEdit can scan a selected directory and its sub-directories for matches.

File Transfer Protocal Support

LargeEdit's integrated FTP lets you open and edit files from a remote server, saving automatically transfers the updated file back to the remote server.

View as Grid

Data files are now easier to navigate and update. No more counting commas or tabs to find the field you want, you can even make your changes directly in the grid.

Other Feature

Windows macros, spell checker, delete data field, run file, print preview, email, export(HTML,RTF), block select, case converter, bookmarks, ASCII & HTML Codes, XPath Search, and HTML Colors.


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