Getting Started

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Getting Started with LargeEdit

Use LargeEdit for all your editing needs, source code, data files, and binary files. LargeEdit also includes many features:

Customizable syntax highlighting and code completion for many different programming languages, Javascript, VBScript, HTML, C++, Java, ObjectPascal, Visual Basic, Cascading style sheets, PHP, XML, Perl, Fortran, Foxpro, SQL, INI, x86 assembly, MS DOS Batch, and AWK Script.

Open and edit HUGE text files in seconds, LargeEdit has no file size limit. Quickly locate the information your interested in, using Find, Goto Line, and Line Range. Use the View as Grid feature to easily navigate data file.

Use LargeEdit's integrated Hex Editor to open and modify binary files.

LargeEdit also has many other features, spell check, repository, macros, export(html,rtf), view as grid, ASCII & HTML Codes, FTP Open & Save.

Learning to use LargeEdit

Find out what LargeEdit can do you for, and get familiar with all the features LargeEdit has to offer.