InterCore 1.0 Press Release


InterCore 1.0 - The extendible interface server to provide your organization with reliability, flexibility, and scalability.

St. John's, NL (April 13, 2007) -- Netlegger Systems is pleased to announce the future release of InterCore version 1.0, the interface server designed for businesses demanding precise control and metrics over data collected, received and dispensed from the enterprise.

InterCore 1.0 is a layered architecture comprised of building blocks. Each blocks responsibility is clearly defined to allow server components to be developed independent from one another. InterCore 1.0 ships with a library of common components written on top of the InterCore base architecture. Developers can inherit from library components and override existing methods or write directly on top of the base architecture. InterCore base architecture provides a common data management framework used by most applications today.

The primary objective of InterCore is to reduce interface development time, and provide ultimate flexibility. The interface engine is comprised of the following component types; Transports, Adapters, Processors, Routers, Data stores.

The InterCore 1.0 library includes the following components;

  • Communications - TCP\IP, HL7 - Lower Level Protocol over TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, File, Web service and Database.
  • Adapter - HL7, XML, Main Frame, Fixed Length and Delimited files.
  • Processors - Work Flow engine, Scripting and Mapping.
  • Routers - Data based and fixed.
  • Datastores - SQL Server

InterCore has been developed using .net technology, Microsoft MSMQ, Microsoft Sql Server and Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation.

InterCore version 1.0 is currently under development and is expected to be available for general release in December 2007.

For more information, contact Netlegger Systems,

Tim O'Brien
Netlegger Systems

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