LargeEdit 2.0 Press Release


NEW! LargeEdit 2.0 - The performance enhancing text editing software. Increase your productivity today!

St. John's, NL (July 20, 2006) -- Netlegger Systems is pleased to announce the release of LargeEdit version 2.0, the development/editing software designed for IT professionals working with numerous programming languages and large data files.

With LargeEdit version 2.0 you can:

  • View and edit multiple files quickly and easily using the new multi-tab editor
  • Create and manage projects from one central editor with LargeEdit's new project window
  • Preview web content and test XSLT transforms using the integrated web browser
  • Open large data files in seconds using LargeEdit's file paging mechanism with configurable large file threshold, line buffer, and backbuffer parameters
  • Navigate forward, backward or quickly locate information within files using Find, Goto Line, and Line Range commands
  • View and edit hard to read data files using Grid View, Sort Ascending\Descending, Delete field and Remove duplicates
  • Stop being a code monkey! Automate repetitive, time-stealing tasks with keyboard and script macros. Store reusable, time-saving code and text snipets in the code repository with encodable replacement parameters that prompt during insert.
  • Add custom syntax highlighting for new or proprietary languages not natively supported by LargeEdit using the built-in syntax designer
  • Increase the usability of any language with customizable help file and executable program associations, code completion and script based toolbars.
  • Add your own custom features! Using LargeEdit's new object model, users can create scripting macros to extend the software's functionality to perform complex operations. Developers can also create plug-in's to add their own custom menu items, viewers, tool windows and more. The possibilities are endless!

LargeEdit version 2.0 also includes many other editing features such as:

  • spell check
  • document templates
  • xpath search
  • explorer window
  • word wrap
  • extended find & replace
  • ascii codes & functions
  • html codes & color dialog
  • plus much more...

LargEdit version 2.0 is currently available for the low price of $24.98 USD and can be purchased online at A fully functional, 45-day trial version is also available.

For more information, contact Netlegger Systems,

Tim O'Brien
Netlegger Systems

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