Get it from CNET Download.com! Introducing SQLXP 3.0, with many major enhancements, including native support for Oracle and SQL Server. Now you can update tables, views, stored procedure, packages, and triggers. Develop better queries with Oracle Explain Plan and SQL Server query analyzer. Debugging Oracle procedures is easier with Oracle server output. View Press Release

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Web Content Producer

Create custom web pages generated from database results, three different
content options are available; Table, Page, Meta Data.

  • Table: Creates an HTML table that displays your result set.
  • Page: Merge user templates with result sets, create complete static web sites with the click of a button.
  • Meta Data: Merge meta data with templates to produce server pages for accessing data (asp,jsp,aspx,etc...)

Update Database Objects

SQLXP 2.0 has native support for SQL Server and Oracle, update existing table definitions, views, functions, procedures, packages, and triggers.

Tune your SQL

SQLXP now contains Oracle Explain Plan, and SQL Server Query analyzer to help you write your SQL better and faster. You can also print or save your results to disk for later viewing. Using Oracle, view existing plans already saved in the database.

SQL Execution and Scripting

SQLXP now includes a command window for executing SQL statements, you get also run SQL scripts. SQLXP has native script parsing for Oracle and SQL Server and a custom parsing for other databases.

Developing SQL

Developing SQL is much easier using SQLXP because it provides an editor with syntax highlighting and code completion for tables, procedures, functions, parameters, and fields. Debugging Oracle PL\SQL is now possible with Server Output.

Explore your databases

SQLXP still has its easy to explore database browser for all the databases you use. Quickly and easily view the contents of your database objects. Now SQLXP 2.0 lets you explore even deeper.

Create Database Objects

Create new tables and views. Use the table editor to edit the data directly. SQLXP 2.0 now lets you create new functions, procedures, and packages for Oracle and SQL Server.

Other Features

SQLXP also provides the following features, Script Generator, Command execution of multiple SQL Statements, Procedure Call window, Data Exporting, SQL Parameter Binding, Printing, Grid and Text output, SQL Syntax Help, SQL Repository, Support for Blob fields, etc...

SQLXP Features

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